15. Juli - Home

It took me a couple of days to write this one.

On the 15th of July, I headed onto a shuttle (that was twenty pounds more expensive than I heard) and headed off to the airport.  Once there, I ate my last meal in London and hopped on a plane.

The flight was uneventful and the lady beside me was nice but desperately needed some sleep after her long days. 

I had a layover in Ottawa which wasn’t too bad and before I knew it, I was home.

Home sweet home.

14. Juli - Harrod’s

Vicky and I met up back at the museums today because we wanted to visit the shops again hahahaha.  I did show her the rest of the Natural History museum though since we missed out on the dinosaurs, mammals, and human anatomy stuff.  

We walked over to Harrod’s afterwards and frankly, I was a little underwhelmed.  Liberty and Selfridges were both very high-end convenience stores but they also had a lot of class and were well organized.  Harrod’s was kind of a hot, tacky mess.

Anyways, once that was over, we met up with two of my friends from CSSG 2012 and had dinner near my hotel.  It was nice to see those two again and just to sit and chat. 

And that’s that.  That wrapped up my last day in London.  Weird to be ending such a long trip but I’m looking forward to heading back home.


13. Juli - Jamboree

Today was our power museum day.  We intended to hit up both the Victoria & Albert Museum along with the Natural History one.  

I met up with Callie, a fellow writer for Soundboard, at my hotel before zipping off to the museums.  It was SOSOSOSO nice to finally meet her.  She has wonderful taste in music and it’s nice to meet the person behind the blog posts.  We headed off to South Kensington to meet up with Vicky. 

Once there, the three of us visited the V&A which was extremely vast.  We didn’t get through all of it but we did see a lot of very interesting things.  

We snagged a bit of lunch afterwards at an italian restaurant and went back to the Natural History museum.

We met up with my lovely friend and fellow Soundboard writer, Rosie, in line.  It was a fantastic reunion since I hadn’t seen her for two years. The four of us wandered through the museum together and I got to show them all the ugly stuff that was there.  I may not know anything about art, but toss me in a scientific museum and I’m a pig in mud.

Once finished there, we grabbed coffee and talked about the last time we threw up.  Lots of laughs much to the chagrin of the lady beside us, I’m sure.  It was a lovely afternoon with people I absolutely adore. 

We parted ways with Callie afterwards since she had some schoolwork to do.  The three of us then left to get some indian food.  

Once we had that in a little bag, we zipped off to a “secret venue” called Jamboree.  It was a bit of an adventure to get there but once there, we just sat outside and devoured our Indian food.

They were showing the world cup and bands were playing along as commentary (the game was muted).  I got to see Germany score the winning goal and thus, win the world cup.  Excellent.  

I had to say goodbye to Rosie which is always a bummer.  But I can honestly say that this won’t be my last time in London by any means.

I made it home without any difficulties, full of food and tired from the day’s activities.


12. Juli - Donuts.

Today, Vicky and I met up at her cousin’s place because he had enticed me with amazing donuts.  They were, in fact, absolutely amazing.  Also there was the cutest little pop up coffee place.  

Afterwards we hit up some stores and bought stuff that we didn’t need.  Liberty and Selfridges were probably my favourite despite being quite expensive.  It was nice to find some moderately priced things that were worth the splurge though.  I managed to snag myself some really nice cologne and I’m super excited about it.

In the evening, we just grabbed some dinner before heading our separate ways home.


11. Juli - British Museum

I went to pick up Vicky today from the train station because she had a ton of stuff with her.  Upon arriving at her cousin’s place, we learned that their upstairs roommate wasn’t there to get the stuff (In fact he was, there was cross wiring in the doorbells…) 

We went back to St. Pancras before realizing how expensive it was to keep luggage there.  Thankfully her cousin sent her a message telling her to go back since they were defs there.

We headed back and nope, not there (crossed wires) but another neighbour opened their doors for us.

Once that kafuffle was over, we headed over to the British museum which was actually really quite cool.  There were lots of old artefacts (as usual in museums) and it was quite a massive building.

Yeah, that’s a barfing lion.

Afterwards, we headed down Oxford for a bit before checkin’ back into her cousin’s place for some pizza.

I got a little waysided on my way home but all was well.

Definitely a very good day.


10. Juli - Museum of London

I started the day off by visiting the Museum of London and it was actually really interesting.  Learning about the history of any specific place is always super cool (even if you don’t retain it all).  

Afterwards, I headed off to Regent street to do a bit of shopping.  Somehow, I didn’t end up buying anything.  

I did learn that I was near two other museums though so I went to visit those.

The National Gallery had a special exhibit on colour going on so I checked that out.  In the twelfth grade, I had written a 4000-word essay for the end of my program on colour theory and perception and if that affected how children developed.  I got a D on it.  Anyways, this was giving me war flashbacks.  It was actually a really cool exhibit though.  The only shame was that, due to a strike. the other exhibits were closed.

After leaving that museum, I stopped by the National Portrait Gallery which had shit like this:

Like what the fuck.

Anyways, got some Nando’s for dinner and now I’m holdin’ out until ~9:30 to get some half price sushi.  My life is thrilling in this bustling city.


9. Juli - Wicked

I started the day off by going to the Tate Britain.  I had planned it so that I would be able to get through it before heading to the matinee performance of Wicked! 

It was a pretty cool museum.  More art that I didn’t truly understand (typical) but there were some really cool pieces too. Most weird was the one video of a man ripping himself out of a poorly-fitted gorilla suit by just jumping up and down, over and over, exposing his naked self.  Not a clue what it meant but it was kind of funny, so there’s that. 

Once that was done, I was about two hours early for the show.  Oops.  I decided to wander around Victoria for a bit before finally heading in to get seated.  The stage looked absolutely amazing.  The audience, however, was FULL of children.  So many children.  Oh god.

The show was just wonderful.  I don’t go to many musicals but it just blew me away.  The casts’ voices were clear and beautiful and the costumes were amazing.  SOSOSOSOSO worth it.  I bought the CD and programme package because why the hell not.  And now I’ve been listening to Defying Gravity all day. 

After the performance, I headed off to a place near the hotel for some dinner.  During the evening, I just watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi which was an adorable film about a sushi master and his quest for perfection and his craft.  Definitely recommend.

I also finished my bottle of wine.  Bummer.


8. Juli - Oxford

I spent an obnoxious amount of money today.  Oy.

I didn’t even start off with a museum on this day.  I just went straight to Oxford.  In my defense, I did walk from my hotel so at least I got a good amount of exericse.  

After a quick breakfast at Pret a Manger, I headed down and walked the entirety of the street and back.  I hit up more shops than I can really remember and the one major purchase was a weekender bag to carry new stuff (to really redistribute the weight) because I didn’t think that my dinky gym bag was going to cut it.  

I’m pretty fired up on these purchases and I promised Vicky I would go back with her.  Dangerous, I know.

The evening was spent takin’ it super easy.  I can’t even recall where I had dinner.  Ha!


7. Juli - Tate Modern

Today I woke up at like 9 and didn’t actually make it out of my room until 11 for breakfast.  It was freakin’ great.

I think Pret a Manger will be my go to for breakfasts and general food things because it’s reasonably priced and I don’t feel like death after eating there. 

After grabbing breakfast there, I headed off to the Tate Modern.  I have zero knowledge about modern art so it was interesting in the sense that I liked how weird things looked.  It was a pretty big museum though and it was free, so i can’t complain.

I grabbed some lunch and walked down Southwark afterwards to visit the Design museum because their shop is supposed to be really cool.  Halfway through the exhibit, the power for 2 miles or so went out.  They eventually opened the shop up again but the exhibit was down for a bit longer which is a shame because it was actually super cool.  

Once finished there, it began to rain so I headed back to my hotel room to drop shit off before checking out a flagship J. Crew near my hotel.  I was a little disappointed since it was super expensive (not really that surprised) but it was also super cool.  It was smack dab in a wicked boutique-y neighbourhood so I checked out a few other stores.  

I grabbed my first fish and chips in London before heading off to a Starbucks to bum their internet.  As glamourous as my hotel seems, it costs 15 pounds for a day of internet which is fucking obnoxious.  

I’m looking forward to heading back just to eat all the strawberries I bought.  So stoked.


6. Juli - Eurostar

Today was basically a travel day and a get-settled day.  I woke up early enough with Steph and Vicky to grab breakfast at our breakfast buffet and then we headed away from our beautiful hostel.

We opted for a taxi because we were too freakin’ lazy to metro it.  We waited for quiet a while but then we said our goodbyes since their train left to Paris earlier than mine.  

I had bought a book that I would finish in the same day earlier so I kept myself busy with that until I got hungry.

Shortly after finishing my food, our platform was open to check in.  Passport checks, security, yada yada.  

The train ride was uneventful and getting to my hotel was as well.  My room is great. It’s a little small and there’s sadly no fridge but it’s lovely just to have my own space.  I have a lot more crap than should be in this room but oh well. 

I got a few groceries, dinner, a bottle of wine, and some toiletries.  I shelled out the crazy amount of money for internet just so I could skype with Riley (best part of the day) and do some research to figure out what I would be doing tomorrow.  Yeesh.

Anyways, I’m tuckered out so I’m going to go do bed!